360° Cameras Capture the Complete Picture of a Site in a Single Visit

We can create a virtual walkthrough of sites and building using our high resolution 360° cameras. This data can then allow all stakeholders to gain remote access to the completed works. Being able to capture the complete picture of a site within a single visit means that you and your teams can avoid lengthy and unnecessary travel.

The benefits of using 360° cameras for site capture:

– Save time and money: Avoid lengthy and unnecessary travel and revisits by giving stakeholders remote access to the site.
– Improve communication: Share the complete picture of the site with stakeholders, regardless of their location.
– Identify potential problems: Spot potential problems early on, before they become costly delays.
– Get feedback from stakeholders: Get feedback from stakeholders on the design and layout of the site.
– Utilise built-in measurement tools to achieve precise estimations of structure length and distances between points of interest.

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