Drone & 360 Data Capture

AI powered drone data

Gain a better understanding of your project with a real-time digital replica and improve the quality and reliability of your information. Analyse the progress of your works in real-time and quickly collaborate with other team members to solve problems.

Allow your teams to make faster, more effective decisions by giving them the ability to fully understand the detail and constraints of a site. All without having to step foot on it.

An up-to-date digital replica enables you to easily monitor progress and manage work activities. Keeping you on time and on budget

Maintaining a digital replica of your asset lets you monitor its condition in real-time and ultimately improve its performance.


Real world solutions with drones and 360° cameras

360° Site Capture and Mapping

Using our handheld 360° cameras we are able to capture every detail of a site and accurately integrate the data into images and documents like site plans and drone images.

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Infrastructure Inspections

Our “invisible” drones will change the way infrastructure inspections are undertaken. By utilising the latest 360° camera technology we are able to remove the need for expensive inspection equipment and lane closures, saving both time and money.

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360° Mobile Mapping

By incorporating 360° mapping into our data collection we are able to capture a complete visual record with just a single pass. Making it an ideal addition to ARC or creating a Google Street View of a site

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