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Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analysis are crucial components in today’s data-driven world. BI and data analysis refers to the technologies, processes and strategies to analyse and interpret vast amounts of data to support informed decision-making within organizations. It involves collecting, organizing, and transforming raw data into meaningful insights and visualizations.

Arrayen works with programs such as Power BI to help visualise data to help leveraging the power of BI and Data Analysis, helping businesses gain a competitive advantage by identifying opportunities, optimizing operations, understanding customer behavior, and making data-driven decisions to achieve their goals.

Arrayens Work

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We offer a data visualization service using Power BI and specialist programming languages, that will help you make better and more informed decisions.

Spatial Data Science

We have the ability to leverage both the common GIS tools of ArcGIS and QGIS, and programmatic tools such as Python and R. Our skills are broad ranging, and include collecting, creating, and analysing data, building models, and creating interactive, online maps.

Road Network Damage Analysis and Visualisation

We developed a framework that lets us analyse and visualise the road network damage and repair progress utalising data collected by the field teams. By incorporating the digital road network data for the region we are also able to check the collected data for errors, ensuring the data integrity prior to submission.

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