Have you ever heard of Springsure? Well neither had we, until we were asked to capture an immersive 360 degree tour and capture aerial footage of the Local Aquatic Centre.

This is one of our advantages, we will go where other may not, in this case to the picturesque remote town of Springsure, about a 10-hour drive north-west of Brisbane.

Our client needed to have data captured to ensure they had the full view of the upcoming works. We were able to provide them with a solution that was tailored to their specific needs, using our drones, 360 aerial footage, and other camera equipment.

The best thing of all for our client was that there was no need for multiple people to take a costly journey to the site to spend a day collecting the data. We were able to capture the data, produce immersive walk-throughs, and detailed imagery that could be accessed by all members of the team, saving time and money.

We’re excited to share other regional works we’re performing in the next few weeks, which will highlight our resolve of going where others won’t.

We are also on the Local Buy panel, under the ICT Solutions, Products, Services & New Tech LB308.

If you need aerial imagery or data, let us get it for you so you can focus on more pressing matters.