AI Machine Learning

Enable powerful content discovery

Allow our AI models to do the manual tedious work and let your teams focus on the things that matter the most. We are able to apply image classification, detection, and segmentation models across your videos & images to identify objects and people in near-realtime.

– Automatically detect and classify almost any object or situation by applying state-of-the-art image classification, detection, and segmentation models

– Reduce the time your people spend manually searching videos & images and let them zero-in on the moments that matter in seconds.


Bringing AI & ML Solutions to the real world

ARC – Arrayen Road Capture

The ARC system uses cutting edge AI technology to assess road network conditions, whether it be for maintenance or following a major event ARC dramatically reduces the time and effort of manual inspections and increased the quality and accuracy of the data captured.

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Use one of our Pre-trained models

We have built several AI models that can already be applied to your data collection. These include applications such as safety, hazard identification, road signage and asset identification.

Create a Custom Model

We can assist you with any AI related research opportunity you may have. We understand that projects come in all sizes and we can tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

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