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We are an AI and Technology company that specialises in computer vision and machine learning solutions. We are here to guide you through the challenges that come with adopting new technologies and transform the way you do business with the adoption of AI.

Human guided intelligence to transform your operations

At Arrayen (pronounced a-ray-n) we believe that organisations that adopt technology to enhance teams ability to work through complex data, rather than to displace people with complete automation, will be better placed for the future and harness the full potential of AI.

Through the implementation of hybrid intelligence systems, you can support your teams by complementing their existing strengths. This Human-AI collaboration results in a process of continuous improvement and allows your organisation to achieve a new level of performance.


Our Services

Arrayen provides novel approaches to challenging AI and technology problems. Our focus is on forging co-operative partnerships with organisations to solve complex, real-world problems.

AI Machine Learning 

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BI and Data Analytics

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Drone & 360 Data Capture 

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Arrayen Road Capture

The Arrayen Road Capture (ARC) system has been designed to enhance road maintenance operations by streamlining the inspection workflow, dramatically reducing the time and effort of manual inspections, while increasing the quality and the accuracy of the data captured.

ARC also uses in house created AI technology to assess road network conditions, for the uses such as maintenance or following major events, helping to facilitate prompt repairs and ultimately contributing to safer and more reliable road networks.

Capture important data with high grade technology

Pre-Construction, Progress and Project Closeout site inspections are critical to ensuring that quality work is delivered, we capture high quality 360° images and video to preserve the site integrity before, during and after construction.


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