Arrayen Road Capture (ARC) dramatically reduces the time and effort of manual inspections and increases the quality and accuracy of the data captured.

ARC uses in house designed video processing software that allows for road assets to be filmed using GoPro cameras. Our non-priority software identifies the road and turns captured videos into a series of GPS tagged images at set chainage points, with the relevant metadata from the files included in the images, saving teams countless hours of renaming files and setting up folders.

These created images can then be analyzed by our AI Models to detect and identify different objects in the captured image, for example road damage, signs and cattle grids. ARC is designed to dramatically improve the inspection processes, by identifying points of interest on captured road surfaces and mapping these within your existing GIS system, meaning there is no need to use or pay for any additional software.

ARC has been designed to enhance road maintenance operations by streamlining the inspection workflow and facilitating prompt repairs, ultimately contributing to safer and more reliable road networks.

ARC – Arrayen Road Capture

The ARC system can help overcome manual and often costly road surface inspections by automating the assessment process; identifying, classifying and assessing road assets.

Major benefits of ARC include:

Travel at Safe Speed – Objects can be detected when travelling at signed traffic speeds. Maximising the amount of data that can be captured in a day.

No need for specialised equipment – Data can be captured using low-cost hardware like cameras, smartphones and drones. This also means you can capture your own data using existing work force and we can process this data for you.

Quality Output – ARC can produce a library of high resolution, geo-tagged images are created, at approximately 10m intervals.

Use Existing Systems – The assessment data is able to be integrated directly into any GIS application.

Latest Technology – ARC use AI to highlight an areas of damage or interest saving time and effort.

No lock-in contracts – We can process videos and images as required no monthly contracts

Optimized – ARC outputs have been optimised to reduce files size without losing quality

Unlimited potential – No limit to distance we can process, entire road networks and small potations after an event. We can do it all

See ARC In Action

Arrayen can capture, process & output your road inspection data for you