Google is reducing the amount of capture that they are dedicating to Street View, meaning new developments or refurbished areas may not be captured again for long periods of time or at all. They also removed their dedicated app on all platforms, making it harder to successfully upload images to Street View.

At Arrayen we use high-resolution 360-degree cameras to capture Street View images of streets, paths, walkways, and other accessible locations and sites. Also, we can go off-road using our 4WD vehicle and as long as paths can be accessed by foot or bicycle, we can also capture off-the-beaten-track locations.

We can then upload these images to Google’s extremely popular Street View platform, so that people can see the whole view of newly developed or refurbished areas or popular location previously uncaptured due to vehicle access restraints.

This has so many applications, from land developers wanting to show perspective clients a view of new land developments, to retailers showing off their newly refurbished locations, to universities giving new and existing students the ability to navigate the grounds of their campus before ever stepping foot on it. The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in finding out more about our ability to capture your area in full 360-degree video and upload it to Google Street View, please get in touch.