Infrastructure Inspections

Our “invisible” drones will change the way infrastructure inspections are undertaken. By utilising the latest 360° camera technology we are able to remove the need for expensive inspection equipment and lane closures, saving both time and money.

By capturing high resolution imagery we are also able to create detailed 2D maps and interactive 3D models of the structure. Giving you the ability to fully understand the details and constraints of the structure, all without having to step foot on it

Use Cases

  • Infrastructure Inspections difficult places – See our inspection of Indooroopilly Bridge – This allows you to quickly and easily capture an asset having a visual record of the last inspection

Latest Blogs for Infrastructure Inspections

  • Road Asset Capture
    We have developed video capture software that allows for road assets to be captured using a GoPro camera. Our software is able to identify the road that has been captured and create files with all… Read more: Road Asset Capture

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