360° Mobile Mapping

By incorporating 360 mapping into our data collection we are able to capture a complete visual record with just a single pass. Making it an ideal addition to our ML framework for Road Condition Assessment.

We are also able to take this collected data and directly update Google Street View. While Street View can be a quick and effective tool for many situations, the problem is the photos are often several years old and can present an outdated view. By doing this we are able to give everyone access to up-to-date images.

Use Cases

  • Update Google Street View – Arrayen can take high quality 360° images to update Google Street View to display any updated construction or roads
  • Pre-Construction, Progress and Project, Closeout Inspections – Site inspections are critical to ensuring that quality work is delivered, when we capture high quality 360 mapping images and video we ensure preserve the site integrity before, during and after construction
drone shot of city street

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